Empowerment Starts One Community at a Time!

Help the Underprivileged in Rural Ghana, Africa

Support Our Community Resource Centers

Help transform underprivileged communities in Ghana with the gift of education, women empowerment skills, and computer literacy by lending your support to our nonprofit organization in Arlington, VA and Ghana today. At Rural Communities Empowerment Center (RCEC), we are dedicated to helping at-risk adolescents and adults in rural Ghana. We partner with local schools to establish one-stop Community Resource Centers (CRCs) to provide empowerment skills, mentoring and coaching programs.


Our Goals

• Give formal and informal education and reproductive health information in early adolescence.
• Mentor adolescent girls to provide skills and knowledge needed to become confident, assertive and self-reliant individuals.
• Provide coaching to help tackle the harmful cultural norms that limit the aspirations of girls and women.
• Offer empowerment skills for personal development.