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Help the Underprivileged in Rural Ghana, Africa

Support Our Community Resource Centers

Help transform poor Ghana communities with the gift of education, women empowerment skills and computer literacy and lend your support to our Ghana nonprofit organization in Arlington, VA and Ghana today. At Rural Communities Empowerment Center (RCEC), we are dedicated to helping at-risk adolescents and adults in rural Ghana. We partner with local schools to establish one-stop-shop Community Resource Centers (CRCs) which provide unique learning opportunities to local residents, including mentoring programs.

Our CRCs—Living our Mission
Our mission is to enhance the welfare of rural communities by increasing their levels of literacy and their participation in the development, governance, and democratic processes. We achieve this mission through our CRCs, which are all managed by local champions in the community. These Centers not only offer local residents a library, but they also feature an Internet technology center, mentoring programs, children educational programs, and activities that empower girls and women.

Who Benefits?
Although all community members have access to our CRCs, we seek to benefit and empower the following groups:
• School Children  • Adolescent Girls  • School Drop-Outs (Ages 13-17)  • Women

Our Goals
• Provide relevant education and health information.
• Develop skills for personal and community development.
• Strengthen communication skills needed to articulate issues.
• Build capacity for managing community projects.
• Provide leadership positions and initiatives in individual development.

To make a positive difference and contribution to rural communities
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